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  1. My shower /head bilge pump stopped working last year. What would be the replacement model for this? I had wrote it down before I put the boat away for the winter and can't find what I wrote. It is the bilge pump that is under the steps that go down into the cabin and is located within a large plastic covered tray. Thank You, Ken
  2. To Most: What is the oval port light model # for a 207 270CR? I don't need the entire port light but only the smoked plastic cover that covers the port light? Is is possible to replace only that piece of the port light? Thanks! Ken
  3. Dan, Thanks for the suggestion. I actually went down to the boat on Saturday (after typing the message) and checked the breaker and it was fine. Also had some help in checking the electricals and discovered power everywhere except at the windlass. Turns out the negative cables at the battery was loose and that what was causiong the windlass stoppage! Those dam wingnuts became loose! Also: Discovered two wire attachments for the main helm breaker and main cabin breaker (located in compartment on reat starboard side) were just about coming undone due to the nut being very loose. In any event, I would still like to know how the windlass is actually wired and whether there is a solenoid somewhere on the boat? Ken
  4. To MOST: I have a 2007 Monterey 270CR that has the Lewmar Sprint 600 Windlass. It suddenly stopped working right when it the chain jammed. Foot controls and helm controls result in nothing happening. I have a feeling it may be the windlass motor. Does this windlass have a solenoid control? Thought I remembered reading somewhere that the SPRINT 600 model does not have one, only the control switch mounted at helm and foot switches. How do you check the switch at helm to see if there is a problem there 1st before removing the entire windlass from the boat. Any other suggestions? Thanks!!! Ken
  5. To M.O.S.T. I have a 2007 Monterey 270 Cruiser. Turned on the fresh water pump this weekend and hear a spraying sound and the pump would not shut off. Removed the toilet paper housing and the Black connector that connects the RED hot water line to the bottom of the faucet is broken. What is the replacement part for this item? I see that Sea Tech makes a 24 Series Quick Connect Female Swivel Elbow in 1/2 inch CTS X 1/2 inch NPS or metric 15 mm X 1/2 inch.....Will these work I do I need something else? Thanks!! Ken
  6. Thanks MOST!! Do you happen to have the canvas tubing size? 7/8 or 1 inch?
  7. Thanks! I did look at some sites and have seen only a replacement for the Steel Top Slide in 7/8 or 1 inch sizes...I think I only need the screw.....have not seen these as separate items yet anywhere...... Hopefully MOST will let me know specific on this....otherwise, on Saturday, i am picking up some zipper repair on my canvas at my local canvas shop and will ask them...... Ken
  8. To Most: I have a 2007 Monterey 270CR Cruiser that I purchased with the optional camper canvas. There are connector pieces that connect multiple tubes ( specifically on the rear most assembly) I need to replace the "Screw" as the head came off due to rust as I was unscrewing with a screw driver. What would be the manufacturer of the canvas stainless assembly tubes and the screws needed on the connector pieces? I have attached 2 pictures for reference. Thank You! Ken
  9. MOST: I have a 2007 270CR. Can you tell me the size of the Bow Rails used on this model? Are they 1 inch or 1 1/4 inch?? Thanks, Ken
  10. Thank you for the information...over the weekend i did find out about the outlet in that cubby hole that is hooked to the AC TV breaker as i was using a night light to test the outlets.... As for the Inverter.....how do you access the panel to see the inverter?? Also....My TV reception is horrible....A friend told me about hooking up the digital converter and when they did this, they started receiving about 20 different channels from just their standard TV antenna. I will be getting one as soon as i receive my $40 US Govt voucher to purchase one. Do you also have the A/B switch located in that cubby hole behind the sink?? I never got any instructions on how this was hooked up..... There is a black cable and 2 white cables hooked into this A/B switch. Any idea on how/what is hooked up?? Thanks Ken
  11. Most: Can you tell me where the DC to AC Inverter is located. I assume that I have an inverter since my TV only works when I engage the DC breaker into the on position. On the AC panel, there is another breaker labeled TV but the TV does not work when the AC breaker is on but DC is off.... Is this correct?? Thanks, Ken
  12. Most... One of my radar arch lights is out. I have a 2007 270CR. What is the replacement bulb for the arch light?? Where can I get one? Thanks for your help Ken
  13. Jerry, I have the same thing with my 2007 270CR....I usually dip my finger and taste for salt....In my case, its not salt, its fresh water. It most likely the result of rain water run-off. Ken
  14. Thanks Brian ! Sounds pretty straightforward... Sunburns Monterey 270 CR
  15. To MOST, I have a 2007 270CR with the standard dual battery hook-up. When I removed my batteries in October, I misplaced my diagram. Do you have a battery wire diagram that I can follow when I re-install my batteries this spring? Thanks, Sunburns 2007 Monterey 270CR
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