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  1. Thanks. it is the 20" round.
  2. I need to replace the forward hatch on a 2001 Monterey 282. Does anyone have the model number to replace it?
  3. Does anyone know the part number to replace the forward hatch (above the v-berth) on a 2001 282?
  4. I have a 282 CR (2001) and would like to know what the passenger and weight restrictions are. I can't seem to find the weight capacity or limit on passengers. I am wondering if we could get 10 people on the boat safely. Can anyone help? Thanks.
  5. I have a 2001 282 CR with a factory installed Air Conditioner. Is there a way to run the Air Conditioner off battery power? Currently, mine only runs off shore power or my generator.
  6. How can I find out the weight (and person) capacity on my 282 CR? I thought there was supposed to be a sticker with that info but I can't find it. Can anyone help?
  7. I own a 2001 282 CR and have had a continual problem with one of my engines stalling out at low speed. I haven't had any issues with the engine while getting up on plane or while the boat is cruising. However, when I am attempting to dock, the engine will stall. It will start up again immediately but this stall can happen several times. Can anyone provide any insight into what may cause this problem? It only occurs when I am attempting to dock after I have been cruising for awhile.
  8. Rob- I was just in West Marine and the fender racks they had in stock all seem to mount to veritcal stanchions. Do you know of any other fender racks that could be attached to the vertical bar on the back of the boat?
  9. I need to replace several latches on the exterior storage lockers of my 2001 SCR. I was thinking of installing locking ones. Anyone have suggestions on where to order them or model numbers?
  10. I wanted to install some fender holders on my 282 CR. Is there a way to mount them on the stern? There seems to be room on the starboard side but I'm not sure how to attach the rack. Any thoughts?
  11. I have a 2001 282 CR and need to replace the anchor. The previous owner did not use any chain on the assembly (just rope tied to the anchor). Do you know which size chain to use on a Sprint 600 windlass? Also, I've read that a 22 lb. anchor is the appropriate size for this boat. Can anyone confirm that or provide any suggestions?
  12. I installed a Raymarine A70D GPS system on my 2001 282 Cruiser. I haven't installed the in-hull transducer because I can't seen to figure out the best/easiest place to put it. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to put the transducer?
  13. I have a 2001 282 CR and installed a Raymarine C70 but I haven't set up the transducer for the depth finder. Does anyone have any suggestions on the best place to put the transducer on a 282 CR?
  14. Thanks so much. I ordered it and got it within a few days. Back in business for the summer.
  15. I own an '01 282 and need to replace the locking hatch on the doorway that separates the helm and down below. (I am very new to boating so I apologize if I'm using the wrong terms). The current latch mounts on the top of the doorway. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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