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  1. My Bimini cover has a "Taylor" made tag on it, if that helps you in anyway.
  2. Dan there is something wrong with that gauge it is missing something! Just after Flow and Total, there should be big $ signs! Just kidding, let me know how you make out!
  3. Dan, Thank you and if you could post pics that would be GREAT and APPRECIATED!!! I am going to ge this done, and the boat will be going in the water this weekend so I will have someone install the seacock while it is still out of the water, that way the work can be done while in the water.
  4. CONGRATULATIONS! Welcome to the "Monterey Life".
  5. I don't have A/C in my 2004 Monterey 282CR. I would like to add it. Does anyone know if this is possible, is there a plug and play unit available from Monterey, does anyone know where the A/C unit would go in a 282CR? I am selling my boat and buying a 322, I can't sell it without A/C! I have had 50+ people calling me on it, nd all want A/C. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!
  6. That would be GREAT, I would love to see what/how other boaters do it.
  7. The one's I used were the Dr. Led's available at West Marine or other Marine Retailers. I cut and pasted below to show you it is the SMD LED series you need the round flat ones. They come in Cool White, very bright, I used warm white which is the same white the bulbs give you. The replacement "Bulb" has two bayonets, one set that sticks out one end and the other sticks straight up from the middle. That is the one you sue. You just cut off the bayonet coming straight out from the side. They are cool to touch and don't use any power! I changed every bulb, my running lights, anchor lights cock pit lights, are all cool white. LED Replacement Bulbs for Reading Lights: MR16, MR11, G4, Edison Medium Screw Base, Bayonet 15 Base (Single Contact, Double Contact Index, & Double Contact Non-Index), and Dome Light LED Conversion Kit. Bayonet Magnum LEDTM LED Specially designed to replace most single and double contact 15mm bayonet incandescent bulbs for reading lights. G4 MR11 MR16 Magnum LEDTM LED Specially designed to replace most "third degree burn " bi-pin halogen bulbs for reading lights. Edison LEDTM LED Specially designed to replace most Edison medium screw base bulbs. SMD LED Series Specially designed to replace most incandescent bulbs for reading lights.
  8. I took my blade off, went to two Auto Parts stores and had no luck. I went to my dealer and bought a new one, they even had it in stock. I like the look of the stainless steel on it as well. I try to keep my boat 100% Factory.
  9. Most shippers for various reasons, such as height restrictions and possible damage to the arch will get you to lower it. This is probably the safest thing to do.
  10. II just had mine done! According to a Mercury rep. it is the worse job to do, you have to pull the putdrive about a 10 hour job or you drill out the housing and do it that way....I had mine done by The Boat Warehouse in Kingston, Ontraio and according to the ttechnician, it is a B***h of a job.
  11. As the old saying goes...Go BIG or go home! Bigger is always better!
  12. I hope they run their "custom" install with the door open, just imagine all the carbon monoxide entering the boat through the holes for the wires etc....
  13. When I bought my used 282CR I also had a broken one. I ordered it from my dealer and had it in 3 or 4 days. I also changed all bulb to LED. They are cool and use next to no power/battery.
  14. Your local dealer maybe able to help you, or the next best thing is swimplatforms.com I have seen a couple of theirs and they are almost an exact replica.
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