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  1. I have an older version of that boat, 245CR. Normally i don't have a reverse polarity issue unless water has gotten between the extension cord plug connection that I use. This doesn't sound like your case since you are using the same cord and shore power pedestal. Like you said, it could be a problem with the Shore Power 2 connection. Make sure the connection is not wet or dirty. Beyond that, maybe try powering on the components one by one on shore power 2 and see if anything trips a breaker.
  2. The mechanic hasn't come to see the boat yet. We've been getting storms every afternoon. Hopefully next week.
  3. I've got a similar problem so I'm following this thread. My mechanic is going to hook up some analog gauges while I run to figure out what is going on. Either a bad sensor or the raw water impeller is damage to where when you are running a idle it isn't spinning and providing cool water through the engine. I get a solid alarm when it happens...
  4. I'm not familiar in with the that particular boat but I have owned several boats and have some general advice. Normally the speedometer measures speed based on pressure it senses from a small tube between the gauge and the stern of the boat. On some models the tube intake is built into the outdrive. Debris can clog the little hole in the outdrive. Use a paper clip to clear it. Sometimes it is a separate intake tube that hangs off the back of the the boat. It has a hinge has sometime gets pulled up. Put it back down when that happens. Sometimes the hose gets detached from the intake. It hasn't happened to me but I suppose it is possible for power to the gauge to disconnected. Just some things to check...
  5. I don't own a Volvo (I have a mercruiser). Most times when the alarm went off it turned turned out to be the Idle Air Control Valve. Other things to check are the oil level & gear lube oil level. Other than that, certified mechanic should be able to hook a code reader to it and get the error codes.
  6. Rip5, thanks for the reply. I was able to find the part at a Boathouse Discount Marine store. D642276 LCH-IW-DP Large Cup. See picture.
  7. I found it. It's a 20" Stainless Steel Deluxe Wiper Blade from AFI. Product number 33017. See picture.
  8. The cup holder next to the sink in the cockpit of my 2004 245CR needs to be replaced. I went to westmarine which seemed to have the right size but didn't have one with a drain hole in the middle to hook up to a hose so that water won't drip on the back of the speaker . Any idea where to find a replacement?
  9. I have a 2004 245CR. What is the part number to replace the wiper blade? Where can I buy one?
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