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My Monterey
Peter Gross

reducing engine noise

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I have a 204 FS with a 4.3 MPI Alpha engine.  I would love some advice on adding engine space insulation and quieting the boat which is noisy at cruise speed so that conversation is challenged and very noisy at high speed, particularly for back seat passengers.  A bit less so without the bimini up.

Is a through the hull muffler modification a possibility and or just adding sound proofing?

Love this boat otherwise

I'd appreciate any advice.



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Our 204 FS was no louder than any other boat. You can add more sound deadening, but it will

make little to no difference. It's a boat, and not a car, they just are noisier, that is just how it goes.


But if you do add some, here is a link of what another boater did.




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hi there


It´s a boat, it suppose to have noise, and bigger the noise bigger the engines, bigger the speed etc.., there are some models that have the exaust not to water but to air like your car, that´s sound even bigger, but y can always call a dealer and asks to have that made for you, but be aware that y should garantee the corect air entering the engine, don´t close the air enters on the side off the boat, and use materials for boat engines, with low possability off ignition, remember that to much gases on the engine compartment and y have a really really bad day

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