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Fusion ip600 radio dead

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Long story short:  2013 264FSC/FSX with almost every option including the Fusion ip600 radio with 2 remotes and wet sounds amp.  About a month ago, the radio would sometimes come on and sometimes not.  It would also come on by itself after turning off.  2 weeks ago, no radio but you could hear the amp click on and interference noise would come through the speakers.

This past weekend I did some internet research and found several other stories of dead Fusion radios.  I tried the reset button, I disconnected the power harness for several extended periods, I have power at the breaker, and I have power at the harness connection.  The head unit is dead.

I just received an email back from Fusion tech support and, as I feared, the WR610 remotes are no longer compatible with current Fusion networking.

Bottom line:  I'm out a head unit, 2 remotes, and all the radio network wiring that will need to be re-run.  I didn't expect a high end radio and all it's components would end up in the trash after 4 seasons of use.

I'm in no way bashing Monterey, I love my boat, the people behind it, and everything they've done for me.  Fusion I'm not so happy about.

Bill Molina

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Sorry to hear of your Fusion troubles. Have you searched online for another Fusion iP600 receiver either NOS or refurbished? They're out there. I needed 2 Fusion WR610 remotes to replace the original Kenwood remotes that were factory installed in my 254FS and had no problem finding 2 NOS units in boxes for a great price. 


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