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  1. This is a though one, I lost the inside female round nut for one of the screws on my head door hinge earlier this year and went looking for a replacement. The closest thing I could find was one of the same size at Home Depot in their hardware section. However when it was made the forming die created 4 protruding teeth that would grab onto the material it was being placed into. I bought one (.35 cents) and took it home and with my pliers I bent the teeth flat so they created a flat round surface, the result turned out as well as I had hoped it would. Since I already had the screw and had confirmed that the thread in the round nut was compatible with it the fix was simple and although ascetically not perfect it functions well plus my take on this is who's going to be looking at the door hinges inside the head anyway. This might not be the "perfect fix" but it worked for me and I'm satisfied with the end result. TD
  2. I upgraded the old Kenwood stereo in my 254FS with a new Fusion Audio system. It included a new stereo receiver, 4 x 6.5" Fusion speakers along with a 400 watt Fusion power amp and a 10" Fusion sub and new remotes at the helm and stern locations. The power amp was installed behind the helm station and the sub was installed in the empty space in the starboard sink cabinet. Killer sound. I also added a Sirius XM Radio receiver.
  3. Sorry to hear of your Fusion troubles. Have you searched online for another Fusion iP600 receiver either NOS or refurbished? They're out there. I needed 2 Fusion WR610 remotes to replace the original Kenwood remotes that were factory installed in my 254FS and had no problem finding 2 NOS units in boxes for a great price. TD
  4. Try replacing the fuel filter located on the left hand side of the engine as you face it. If that doesn't do the trick then you might need to replace the fuel pump itself. I had the same problem last summer with my 254FS Volvo-Penta 5.7 GXi. Good luck. TD
  5. Have you contacted Monterey's Customer Support through this website to ask them if they can help you? TD
  6. Looking at the photo you posted what is the problem with the current one. It doesn`t appear to be broken or cracked. TD
  7. Do you mean the actual fibreglass hatch cover? You'd probably have to contact a dealer and ask them if they can get you a replacement, additionally you can always contact Monterey's customer support to ask them if they can help you. TD
  8. I visited my local dealer last week and they had a new 278ss (bowrider) in their showroom finished in White and Onyx, so I took the time to go on-board to check it out. Beautiful boat and very well equipped, and the build quality is superb. I can't see how anyone could go wrong buying a 278ss. TD
  9. Georg, did you check out the Owners Manuals section on this site? There's one for a 302CR with all of the specs in it. It's the third one from the bottom of the page in the link below. https://forums.montereyboats.com/index.php?/forum/32-cruiser-owner-manuals/ TD
  10. Is your trim set all the way down when coming out of the hole or do have it trimmed up? Getting up on plane has nothing to do with how warm the engine is. I give my 5.7GXi 2-3 minutes to warm up if its a cold startup then head out. TD
  11. Matt, I'd suggest that you reach out to Monterey's Customer Support through this website and ask them if they can direct you to a source for them. They've been very helpful to me when I've needed to find the odd replacement part for my 2008 254FS. https://www.montereyboats.com/owners-support/index TD
  12. Monterey source their hardware from a number of various marine manufactures. I contacted their customer service about replacement cockpit lighting for my 254FS and they directed me to Marine Hardware where I was able to buy the lighting I needed. Also check out Scandvik. Here's a link to their website. http://www.marinehardware.com/ Heres the link to the Scandvik site: http://www.scandvik.com/index.cfm/method/Shopping_Lighting/id/11.htm You may or may not find what you're looking for there but good luck. FWIW, I find all of the Monterey dealers in my general area to be useless when it comes to finding replacement parts but I'm sure they do a good job of selling new boats. If you don't find what you need at the link above contact Monterey's customer service through this site and see if they can direct you to the source. TD
  13. I bought my first Monterey a couple of months ago, it's a 254FS and we're having a great time with it. Enjoy your 282CR, looks great! TD
  14. I've been using my 254FS on Lake Simcoe, Couchaching and the Trent Waterway. Going to trailer it to Toronto to explore the Islands and Harbour Then up to Muskoka. TD
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