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  1. Great job! That location is beautiful!
  2. Trim is down. It’s strange, it only happens the first time getting on plane for the day. Every other time it’s up in no time. I just brought it in to my marina for winter service. I mentioned it to them and they said they will look for any issues while servicing.
  3. I’m also reluctant to go wide open for some reason. I’ve pushed it to 35 mph, but that’s it. One issue I’m having is slow to get on plane, the first time out for the day. I’m wondering if it has to do with warming up the engine. How long do you warm up before heading out? Trip
  4. I don't have those gauges, sorry I can't be of any help.
  5. Mike, Great looking boat, and nice name. Fits the boat. If I come across any center cushions around the marinas in my area, I'll let you know. Trip
  6. Congrats! And, welcome. I'm new as well. I also shopped for a while, Chaparral, Crownline, Ebbtide, etc. and felt the Monterey was the best buy/fit for my family. So far, so good. Trip
  7. Calling all 233 Explorer owners... Since there are a few of us, I thought this could be a spot to share ideas/pics/issues/stories/etc. I just bought a 2006, with a Volvo Penta 5.0 GXI. Only been out a few times, but so far so good. Wife and kids are loving the bow to lounge, swim deck and overall comfort. I'm loving that they want to spend more time on the boat. Coming from a 19' fishing boat without much comfort, this is a whole different experience for us. The head doesn't hurt either. As I come up with 233 specific questions, I'll be posting here. Trip
  8. Matt, Beautiful boat! I love the black. I might look into the bow cushion, seems like a cool idea. I was also out today for a bit and I can't seem to figure out those hatches, they still don't look like storage to me. I'll start a 233 owners thread, we could share ideas/issues/etc. Trip
  9. I've only had the boat out twice. Next time, if I remember, I'll see what the top speed is. I don't have either of the filler cushions. Do you use the one in the bow? If so, how so? Maybe we should start a 233 owners thread?
  10. @mattwascavage, I agree. It does look like you could loose stuff in there. Good luck with the boat! My 233 Explorer is also new to me this year. We should compare notes...
  11. Great ideas. I should be able to get to the boat next week. I'll see how big they are and see what I could fit. I thought they were access hatches for something. Thanks. Trip
  12. Welcome. I'm new to Monterey and this forum as well. I agree, so far I'm impressed with the ride and build quality. That's a beautiful boat, enjoy! Trip
  13. Hi all, I just picked up a new (to me) 2006 Explorer 233. Took it out for two beautiful days on the lake last weekend. I had a question about the hatches in the attached photo. I can't seem to figure out the reason for these hatches. In the photo, it's on the deck behind the captain's chair. There is another behind the other co-pilot chair. Any ideas? Trip
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