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  1. My 302 came put of winter storage yesterday afternoon and is parked at it's summer home again now until October. Glad to have heat on the boat since it was only 6°c (43°F) last night when we stayed onboard. Got some long distance summer trips planned, can't wait for the really nice weather.
  2. Amazon.. Just search Igloo marine coolers. Be aware they arent cheap, but it will fit just like the orginal one..
  3. Fresh water screen on my 302 is right at the discharge side of the pump. Screw off cap and just a wire mesh screen.
  4. My 302 has a switch labeled discharge on the 12v panel next to the blower switch and remote generator start/stop switch. What does this do? I've been through the manual and don't see anything about it. Couldn't find it in the wiring diagrams either. I've pushed it and it's a spring return switch, but I don't hear anything run. Is it just some sort of generator field discharge or something?
  5. Just wanted to say hi. I'm new to the line of Monterey boat as they aren't a common site in Canada. I picked up a 2005 302 with twin Volvo 5.7s with 470hs on it a few months back. I've only put a few hours on it since, as it needed some major cleaning. But so far I'm very impressed with the performance, fuel economy and build quality of the boat. My mom lost her 2 year battle with cancer back in January, and a bought The boat with some of the money she left me. I figured it was fitting to following her twisted sense of humor. So I named the boat after a pair of Golden Retrievers she used to have. The name of the boat, just like the dogs names did, has already created some funny moments when some one asks me whats the name of my boat. When you respond Who and What, they take a second thinking I misunderstood them so they ask again. It's always a good laugh and a great conversation starter. We are heading away forms week long run in the 1000 Islands area here in a few weeks and can't wait to see all those places you can't reach by car.
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