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1999 Monterey 242CR Information Needed

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Greetings all,

I just took possession of a 1999 Monterey 242 Cruiser. Love the boat. Does anyone know where I can find the manuals for each of the onboard Systems? ie. Battery charger, Shore Power usage, Circuit breaker panel, refrigerator, stove, and inverter? I am trying to figure out how everything is power and operates while running and while docked.



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I have the 2000 242. I went online and searched each of the items such as the battery charger, the fridge, water heater, any item I could not find an info tag on. Mine came with a 20 amp charger that I had to replace. I went with another 20 amp but if I had it to do all over again, I'd go with the 30 amp unit. I can't remember the name of the charger but it starts with a C. There are many different units out there so it's your choice. All of the pumps have info tags on them so that's easy. I don't have an inverter. The stove has an info tag  on it but mine doesn't work very well. When you want a lot of heat and select high or mid-high the unit shuts off, cools a little then restarts. I use portable propane stove(s). One is a 2 burner and 2 others are single burner. I also have a bar-b-que. Installed the bar-b-que's base that holds the post that holds the unit in the swim step's storage area. It sits between where a couple of step space is so I can keep the step onboard and use the cooker or I could have the step in the water. The smoke is blown away from the boat by the wind/breeze that comes from the bow to aft.

I had to pull the fridge out to get all of the info and to see how much free space is there to store things but there's not much at all.

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