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My Monterey

Monterey 254FSC built 2008 blower troubles

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I have some troubles with the Blower. It didn't work for the first start. After a short ride it worked without problems. On th next day the same symptoms. I already checked the fuses and the switch. This is OK, but I don't have power on the blower connection. 

Have someone made similar experiences? 

Is there a grounding point between Cockpit and blower? ANOTHER Cause could be a broken cable between cockpit and blower? 

Many thanks for feedback 


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Have you checked the connections to see if they are not corroded? Clean them off at the blower with electrical contact cleaner and see if that works/help. If this is your engine compartment blower make DARN sure the area is evacuated Before you start that engine or your boat might go kaaaboom!

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