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My Monterey

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Hello Everyone, 

I just bought a 2013 Monterey and I have a problem and I am looked everywhere in the manual and changed both batteries to be on the safe side. 

The problem is that while in the sea and when I switch off the engine and after 30 seconds all electricity shuts down (lights, fridge, stereo..etc) while it should switch to the house battery automatically. 

Can anyone advise what this might be??!! 

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Check your main switch it’s usually a big round red one it’ll say off, one, or both. you have to have on one to use the start battery or two to use the house bank all house batteries and put it on all and use the house battery and will use the start battery. now I have a 2000 24 cruiser but most of them are all the same with that master switch so give me just give it a shot see what happens and just send a reply letter  So all of us know if you got it fixed or not. Most people come here ask a question we’re giving an answer but you never hear from the person again if it fix the problem it’s kind of aggravating or irritating. Merry Christmas

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