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2000 262 POLARITY REVERSED warning light questions

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I have a 2000 model 262 and I plug into AC shore power at my marina. On my power distribution panel inside the cabin, there is a a red lamp with the label "POLARITY REVERSED". The lamp is normally OFF when shore power is plugged in. But there is also a button that says "PUSH TO TEST". If I press this button down, the POLARITY REVERSED lamp turns on bright red.

1. I have used a voltmeter at the AC pedestal on the dock as well as one of my AC receptacles inside the boat and all voltage readings across the hot/neutral/ground terminals appear normal. So there seems to be no electrical issues.

2. Is my PUSH TO TEST button actually testing my AC polarity at that moment, or is it only testing the warning lamp to ensure its bulb is not burned out?


Chris (recent boat owner)

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