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My Monterey

Active trim is not working

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I have been battling this same issue.... The only way I get mine to work is, while underway once you have the boat up on plane at your desired speed, find the sweet spot while manually trimming up/down, once you're there press the up button on the active trim until you're in the middle (I think 3 bars up) then press the up and down buttons at the same time on the active trim until the lights stop blinking and it will lock in that sweet spot. thereafter it will work like it should and you can can increase or decrease the trim's sweet spot by pressing the active trim up or down a notch or two--this is why it's best to save the original position in the middle so you have room for adjustment as your boats load weight fluctuates (number of passengers, fuel increase/decrease, etc).  Issue with my boat is every time I turn my batteries off I have to reset the Active Trim, which I highly doubt is how it's supposed to work. Trying to figure this one out now... Hope this helps! 

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