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  1. 1st post here, I have a new M65 with the Verado 350--came from the factory with a 17 pitch prop--boat seems to hit max RPM's with no problem--speed tops out at 49 at 3600' elevation. I'm thinking about moving up to a 19 or possibly 21 pitch and am wondering what you guys are running?? Thanks in advance!
  2. Update: I discovered the Saber tower built by Samson will work! It's expensive, but by the time you buy a cheaper universal tower and add a bimini to it, the Samson's price isn't that much different. Plus, you get a solid tower built to the exact specs of your boat, not a one size fits all that rattles and shakes.
  3. I have an 07' FS 214 without a tower. I'm trying to figure out if there's a tower out there that will still allow me to use the factory bimini???? NOt sure if what I'm looking for even exists??? Any suggestions??? THanks!
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