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My Monterey

Windlass reversing solenoid location

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Trying to understand/troubleshoot the windlass operation on a 2004 Monterey 302 that I have been working on for the last couple of years. The windlass is the original Simpson Lawrence, not sure if it's a 600 or 700 since I can't see the label on the windlass.  On another note, I was able to get the bow thruster working so hoping that this problem is easy to resolve.  I disconnected the windlass motor from the terminals in the anchor locker and connected directly to a 12V battery and it worked. Reversed the polarity back in forth caused the anchor to go up and down.  I found the circuit breaker which is installed on the battery panel, for clarification, this is the panel that controls the battery voltage for the port/starboard motors and the generator.  The circuit breaker switch is okay. One other thing I'm going to do is ohm out the wire from the circuit breaker so I can make sure power is going to the terminals in the anchor locker. There is one cut wire. If you've ever worked on a boat that someone else owned, you realized that people do some stupid things to save money not to fix something.  Will also attempt to find the ground since the wires are packaged up .

Here's my question:  Where is the solenoid reversing switch?  There should be one somewhere since there are foot switches as well as a 3 position toggle switch at the helm.  I read a previous post where the individual said there wasn't one on the 298.  My understanding is this is required like the bow thruster to reverse the direction.  I suspect it's somewhere in the helm but before I start taking things apart I wanted ask someone.  Thanks in advance for you help.

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