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2003 245 CR More Detailed Manual?

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So I downloaded the 2003 245 cruiser owners manual from the forum, is there anything more detailed/specific to the boat?


I mean, the manual is pretty generic and talks about everything, but it isn't very specific. i.e. "open seacock to air conditioner" where is the seacock for that specifically? I am completely new to boating so forgive my "newbie" questions.


I ask this because before buying this, I looked at a Four Winns cruiser, I picked the Monterey because it was a hell of a lot nicer/better layout etc. However, Four Winns owners guide, shows exactly where the holding tank for water, waste is located on a diagram of the boat, and how to access each one. Also shows a diagram of what all of the ports on the outside of the boat are "water discharge for a/c, water discharge for ???"


Also, the 2003 245 CR I got has a 5.7 Gi Volvo Duoprop..., volvo lists the following motors were available during 2003, which one of these exactly is the one I should download the manual to?














Any help is appreciated... looking forward to some very happy years of boating with this boat being my first boat ever.

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I cant help you with a manual, but I bought my 2003 245 new. I have a merc,so I'm not sure about youre volvo, but I know the boat inside and out. If you have any questions, let me know. Tom

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