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  1. Mine was doing the same thing, turns out it was overheating. Swapped out the thermostat with a new one, and it stopped. Apparently the old thermostate was all gunked up from lake water and would no longer open/close. Think it cost me like $12 to fix.
  2. Good morning folk... just got the email telling me about the new site. Hope that it picks up around here.
  3. I bought my 245CR last year, used. I changed out the gear lube and upon tightening the gear lube dipstick by hand it started pulling threads. The threads were coming off like thin pieces of metal. Anywho, I was heading to the lake, and needed the boat. I ended up sealing the oil dipstick bolt with oil resistant RTV/silicone to prevent water from entering. It held up great, no leaks, and the bolt it on there tight. Anyone have any ideas on how difficult it would be to repair the threads? any suggestions on what I should do to fix it?
  4. Bought the boat used with only the ignition key. I need the part number for the trunk lock on a 2003 245 cruiser so I can replace it with a new one with a key.
  5. Problem is I bought the boat used, the dealer got it at an auction. Only had the keys to the engine, (the rear latch is not keyed). So I need to replace the door lock with a new one. Anyone know who manufactures that door latch/key mechanism?
  6. Ok, the key I have will start the engine, but the same key does not fit into the sliding door to the downstairs on my 245. Is there a different key? or some generic "key" that is used to lock the door? I bought the boat used. Thanks!
  7. looks like we have some OU people in here.. Purchased a 2003 245 on Saturday... I also went to OU, and currently live in Moore, OK.
  8. man no takers? I just filled it with ice and threw some beers in there as an additional cooler/space..
  9. Call me stupid... But I know on the right is the sink and the faucet, but what exactly is the item on the left (circled in red). It opens up and appears to have a drain in the bottom? but... what exactly is it for? Only thing I can think of is to throw some ice in there and a bottle of vodka. I am sure I will feel like a complete tard as soon as someone tells me.
  10. man... I am like 5'6" and got a 2003 245 that I am picking up on Saturday... sounds like I may have some sight problems.
  11. So I downloaded the 2003 245 cruiser owners manual from the forum, is there anything more detailed/specific to the boat? I mean, the manual is pretty generic and talks about everything, but it isn't very specific. i.e. "open seacock to air conditioner" where is the seacock for that specifically? I am completely new to boating so forgive my "newbie" questions. I ask this because before buying this, I looked at a Four Winns cruiser, I picked the Monterey because it was a hell of a lot nicer/better layout etc. However, Four Winns owners guide, shows exactly where the holding tank for water, waste is located on a diagram of the boat, and how to access each one. Also shows a diagram of what all of the ports on the outside of the boat are "water discharge for a/c, water discharge for ???" Also, the 2003 245 CR I got has a 5.7 Gi Volvo Duoprop..., volvo lists the following motors were available during 2003, which one of these exactly is the one I should download the manual to? 5.7Gi-B 5.7Gi-BF 5.7Gi-C 5.7Gi-CF 5.7Gi-D 5.7Gi-DF 5.7Gi-E 5.7Gi-EF Any help is appreciated... looking forward to some very happy years of boating with this boat being my first boat ever.
  12. I would like to know as well.. just purchased a 2003 245, and was thinking of getting a new one of these as well.
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