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Full Monty

HELP- Trim Gauge has gone crazy- causing engine stall?

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Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!


I have a 02 248 Volvo 5.7 DP. I was checking fluids and noticed the PS was low, so I added Volvo Trim/Steering fluid.. no problems. I looked over and noticed the Trim pump was very low (trimmed all the way down), so I added a bit of fluid ( a few ounces at most) as well. I had no issues with either, but just low fluids.


When taking off then next time, once I hit plane, I barely hit the trim button and all of a sudden I get the alarm going off and the power cut... I virtually come to a stand still) As soon as I let go of the trim button everything corrected. I looked down and confirmed everything was fine with the gauges, no issues with oil pressure or temperature. I come to a complete stop, look around and no issues noted. I try taking of again, and everything is fine.. I hit plane and barely tap the trim button and again the exact same thing.. very scary!


I then open up the engine compartment and double checked the trim fluid. Every thing looks good, but the fluid was a bit high in the trim. I decided everything was fine before I added fluid, so I would take a bit out by wicking it (dry clean towl to pull some out of the very top of the reservoir) I only took out the same amount I put in.


I closed everything up and everything worked perfect. I took off, got on plain and hit the trim tab, and everything worked as it should. Problem solved.. or so I thought... I used the boat all day (8 hours on and off) I used the trim many times and had no issues.. everything worked as it had in the past.


The next day I take the boat out and now the trim gauge goes from the lowest reading to the highest reading as soon as I touch the trim gauge. The other gauges also seem to now have a bit of a flutter. (nothing major, but I am being very critical now.. it may have existed in the past but never noticed the other gauges slight fluttering) When at dock I can use the trim button to raise the drive all the way up and back down, but the gauge is only up or down. The needle pegs both directions as soon as I touch the button.



What could be wrong? Any advice is GREATLY appreciated!

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Hello Full Monty,


Since the boat is a 2002 and you have never had anything like this issue before...it sounds like a wiring problem. Something has worked it's way loose somewhere.

You might want to have a certified tech run a diagnostics on it.


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