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engine not running correctly

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i have a 2006 290 scr with twin volvo 5.0's, i am a first time boat owner and last summer i was cranking up the boat and someone crossed my path, i got scared and pulled hard on both throttles, at that point i went from forward to reverse at 3500 rpm, i broke the splined sleeves on the outdrives, before that the boat was running good.

after i had the outdrives repaired the boat never seemed the same, my port engine doesn't have the power the starboard does, and it acts up and seems to go into partial shutdown sometimes, two dealers can't find anything wrong and can't find any codes in the computers.

any thoughts ???????


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Not sure I can offer much but ......


Have you tried any other volvo forums or boards? (I found a lot of info about volvo fuel pumps from another boating forum)


Do you get any engine "alarms" or "beeps" when the engine goes into partial shutdown?


I would have thought you would have caused a lot more issues other than the splines at 3500 rpm. Did you get any water ingestion into the block?


How does it sound compared to the other engine / drive. Try running on 1 engine to say 2000rpm for a couple of minutes then shut down and try the same thing on the other engine. Is it different? Might give a few clues







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