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My Monterey

262CR - trim tab wiring messed up?

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I have been having trouble figuring out the trim tabs on my 2000 262CR.


Small wonder - after applying some structured thinking to the problem I had my wife watch how the tabs move when the control switches are pressed. Turns out the the port switch controls the starboard tab and the starboard switch controls the port tab.


As if that wasn't enough, pressing "up" on the switch actually moves the tab down so the controls have the exact opposite effect on all counts. I would expect pushing the starboard switch up would raise the starboard tab, and so on.


Is this the result of intentional design, a mistake when the boat was built, or of a previous owner messing things up?

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Hello politby,


They are wired correctly. The trim tabs operate much like the rudders on an airplane, takes some getting used to!

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Hi Politby,


Look at this link - it explains how tabs work and wven has a simulator



Generally - the labelling of the switches reflects what you want the bow of the boat to do


Because the tabs are at the rear of the boat, you need to do the opposite of what you think to change the bow


Its all to do with the water flow across the surface of the tab and the drag of the water (and Sir Issac Newton's observation for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction or something like that)


If you ever see the Volvo QL Interupter Plate system (alternative to the traditional bennet style trim tabs), the control panel doesn't even use words like up/down, port/starboard. It just uses little pictograms of a boat with arrows of what you want the bow to do






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I have a 2010 Monterey 260. the switch on the dash for the trim tabs does nothing, no lights nothing, the tabs are stuck down. I checked power and the moter and everything is good right to the point where the wire plugs into the switch. Bad Switch? I look and can't find the double one anywhere?

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