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Stern Drive Trim Indicator and Speedometer Gauge Not Working

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I have a 2005 302CR and the Stern Drive Trim Indicator and Speedometer Gauge are Not Working, they alway mark 0. The Stern Drive trim work they go up and down only the gauges are not working. Could you please let me know what do I need to check?





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Trim senders routinely fail. No matter what brand outdrive you have. You will need to replace the sender for the one that does not work. Chances are the gauge is fine.


It depends on what outdrives you have, as to how your speedometer operates. If you have BIII drives, your speedo pick up is in the front of the lower unit. Try using a paper clip to free any obstructions. If that does not work, take the gauge off the dash, pull the speedo tube, and force air down the tube with a compressor to clear any obstructions in the tube. If neither of those methods work, it could be your gauge.


My 2005 282 has only one trim gauge working and no speedo either. The trim gauge is just a luxury, I trim by sound and feel, and rarely have ever used the gauge. Same with the speedo, it's never very accurate anyway.

So I do not use it either. GPS gives me the speed more accurately. I won't fix either of them this season. Probably during winter layup I will repair both.



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