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  1. Welcome to the Club.... hope you enjoy your boating experience!
  2. Hi Marfi! Thanks... I appreciate your help... I blew the the tube out from the speedo back to the transom with an air compressor. Everything seamed fine. Boat only has 50 hrs on it. I have the Volvo Penta 496 (8.1 GXi - 420hp) LOVE THE BOAT!!
  3. Hi.. I own a 2002 - 268ss The speedo is reading low. I blew out the line to the pick-up, no change. I am wondering if I have the correct pick-up unit as it looks to have been replaced. I have the white plastic triangular arm type, and not the paddle wheel style. Is this the correct pick-up? The speedo reads 30mph and the GPS shows 52mph. If this is the correct pick-up could there be another issue? Thanks for your help!
  4. depending on the style the pitot is a small brass fitting in a white plastic arm on the transom of the boat. The other 'paddle wheel' style has the pressure inlet just behind the paddle wheel itself. The pitot is the point of contact with the water pressure at the end of the hose. Hope this helps....
  5. Thanks for the compliment.... changed out the DP - F4 props for F6's RPM went from 5200 only down to 5000?? and top speed of 58 m.p.h didn't change... hhhhmmmmmm???? confused Well the boat is headed to the local stereo shop... see what these boys can put together to put some bass into this thing...
  6. Hi there... I too own a 2002 268ss and am in the same situation. Welcome to the forum. If you don't get a response shortly ask MOST for assistance. Do you have a pic of your boat??
  7. I purchased a used 2006 - 268SS with the optional Corsa Exhaust. Can anybody tell me where the switch is located to switch from loud to quiet? I have tried all the ACC toggle switches and nothing. THANKS!!!
  8. Well tomorrow is the big day. Take delivery in the morning. I tried to attached pictures last post but it didn't seem to work. Also not impressed with the delay when I reply to when it shows up. Thank you for the heads up on the trim tabs!! I noticed Bennett offers a auto trim retract relay, when you turn off the ignition it automatically fully retracts the tabs. This would probably be good for people like me who are too focused on loading the boat! As well they are offering an automatic trim module I may look at. I will try to attached the pic again... I am impressed with the look of the tower on the boat. OK I think I figured out this pic attachment! Thanks for all your feedback!
  9. Thanks M.O.S.T.! Looks like I may be looking for a couple of Designation Decals!
  10. Thank you for the pictures! I look forward to seeing the sub install. Are you happy with their location and sound? I received pictures of the boat with the Samson Tower installed, speakers are on the floor for shipping. What are you getting for top speed/RPM? Cruise Speed/RPM and do you know your props pitch? Anthing I should know about before I go on MY maiden voyage with her???? Any advise is appreciated.
  11. If you have a chance, could you please send me pics of your installation! Did you upgrade the original 4 speakers? I was to pick up the boat this past Sat, however Samson had not finished the tower. So this Saturday it is.... I HOPE!! How do you like your 268?? What engine/drive option do you have? This boat has the Penta 8.1 GXi 420h.p.
  12. I am about to take delivery on a 2002 Monterey 268 open bow. All the badging (3-stickers port/starboard/stern) all say 268s. The only reference I have on line is a 268ss. Did Monterey make a singe 's' version in 2002?
  13. HI... I am about to take delivery of a 2002 268s with 43hrs. The boat is currently at Samson Sports having a custom reverse arch installed with double 7's speaker package. They are also doing the amp install. When I get the boat I will let you know where they placed the amp. As well I will also be looking to install a sub. So I am also interested in where to place it.
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