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  1. We have a 268 with a 496 mag. The 320hp will depend what you want to do in it and with how many people, IMO. I will say that Ive never had a problem getting on plane with a boat full of people and gear/ice chests.
  2. Or what about a bulb size so I can just order a replacement led on line?
  3. Ours is ACC switch. Either the last one or 2nd to last.
  4. Thanks but they only sell in bulk. I was looking to swap out the fixtures with chrome, red led ones but I cant seem to find a close replacement. Got any suggestions?
  5. Looks good Ron!! Sorry but I forgot to take pics of the subs but I will next time. Had a few issues with our lake house (septic system) that had me side tracked.
  6. Havent looked at the props, but we are getting around 4900 rpm's and 56mph on the speedo. Havent gps'd it but I would guess it to be in the 53-55 range wot. The midrange is awesome. I'm cruising at 35-40 before I realize it. Be careful of the tabs as they are recessed if you trailer or store on a lift. I left one just a touch down and it has caused a leak that I have yet to repair (messy bilge!). It seemed to ride much more on top of the water than the chaparrals I owned. All in all a very good riding boat. Handles fairly well around the docks for a single engine this size. A few little things in the design I would like to see changed. 1. aft ski locker should clear the bench seat when raised. as it is to fully open the locker you have to raise the back seat up just a bit. 2. I would like the port side ice chest area to be enclosed (this is just a personal preference) 3. a handle on the ladder like my chaparral had. no real good place to grab. As for the stereo, I like the sound and am pretty happy with it. Subs hit well for free air and it was pretty easily accessible. I will get better pics this weekend. I also added the Ipod controller and the new sirius (dont ask why its new) equipment so I could control everything from the kenwood remotes. Congrats and enjoy the heck out of it!
  7. Here are the amps under the corner seat where the battery switch is located. Close to to batteries and on same side as head unit. http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2007-10/1282187/amps.jpg Sorry wifey got in the pic! Best one I had of the speakers. Sorry I will get better ones this weekend. I didnt have any of the subs either. http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2007-10/128...peakersstar.jpg
  8. Love our boat! Rides great in pretty big water (Lake Texoma). We have the Merc 496 mag w/bravo 3. Yes I upgraded all the 6.5's with polk momo's and actually added 2 in the starboard walkthru area, so those on the sun pad could hear.
  9. Love to see pics Ron. But it wont help me much as I've got mine done. 2 alpine pdx amps in the area where the battery switch is located. Also installed 2 kicker 10in subs under the port side seat flushed mounted so we can still use the cooler area if we choose.
  10. MOST sent me the parts number some time ago but I cant seem to find it now. Does anyone know which bulbs I use to replace the courtsey lights in my 2006 268ss? thanks
  11. Congrats and nice ride. Where will you be boating?
  12. still haven't found it. by looking at it as close as I can it sure looks like it pulls water from the fresh water tank. Maybe the seal is bad on the pump???
  13. Forward section of the aft ski locker? or the ski locker in the bow area that has the screw out "lid" for access under the liner? btw it is a bowrider so not sure that I would have a shower sump. thanks I will look tomorrow when we get to the lake.
  14. Having trouble getting my head to pump. It makes a sucking sound when pumping it but no water in bowl. Someone suggested that the seacock was closed but I cant seem to find it. I think I have looked in all of the reachable places. Any help would be appreciated. Boat is a 2006 268ss thanks
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