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  1. my bad.. we have Volvo 5.7 w/ duo-prop
  2. I have noticed last few trips that the mph gauge starts out fine but as trip goes on it dies to zero. stop for a bit and is fine again then dies again.. any suggestions?
  3. we own a 248ls which essenitalluy is the same boat you have just a bit older. Yours has a few "updates" and is a cuddy. anyway.. this is our first Monterey and we are in love with the boat. Rides great, easy to drive, quality is superb. we have 5.7 with duo-prop and motor has been awesome.. burning about 7-8 gals per hour. range is phenomenal. where are you doing your boating? enjoy
  4. congrats on new boat. we too took delivery of new monterey(248ls) this year and have been in love w/ boat ever since. This is our first year w/ Monterey and have been very happy with boat, got ours from Anchor Marine in Northeast, Md. great place to do business with.
  5. well after a long winter finally took first full trip on new boat( 248ls). had a seatrial 2 weeks ago but was a short trip. Kids and I got most of boat waxed, vinyl protected and goodies put on boat the when wife got done work we headed out for evening cruise. Went from Anchor marina in Northeast, MD to Chesapeake Inn in Chesapeake City. nice 1 hour trip each way.. Boat ran like a dream. last boat was 7 feet shorter, what a huge difference. going out again today, looking to explore the sassafrass river area today. Will try and posts some pictures. hope to have a decent season....now if we can just come up w/ a name for the boat.
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