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  1. So maybe I should try jumping some cruise ship wakes and hope for the best. The most likely outcome might be having the micro work but getting the stereo stuck on something like the Hannah Montana channel. I'll keep working on extraction and let you know how it comes out (hopefully).
  2. Mine is an 04 265 so may well be a different configuration but my TV is both AC & DC and seems to work best (only) in the DC mode. There is a cigarette lighter adapter and a 110 plug which are both inserted into different appropriate outlets. No inverter on this one.
  3. Hmmmm.... I have the screws removed from the top piece but it still feels very firmly positioned. I must be missing a screw somewhere (my wife would tell you i definitely have a couple loose). I'll look at the sides again. Thanks for your reply
  4. The Origo micro on my 04 265 powers and seems to run as expected but there is no heat generated after any cycle at any power setting. Probably not worth the effort to diagnose and repair so I figured I'd just remove and replace it. Thought that it would just slide out and I removed 2 Phillips screws exposed when opening the door. It now moves inside the enclosure but feels as though something is holding it in the middle from the bottom. There is a small panel above the micro that seems to be held in place by some vertical screws and I have removed 3 Phillips screws (one about 3" long) from the storage area above the micro but the panel hasn't moved and access is still difficult. I'm sure there is some simple process I 'm missing here - any help is greatly appreciated. Tom
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