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  1. Need some help... I have a 2003 322CR and the microwave installed says its an "Origo" brand. I am guessing that it is made by Tappan but I am not sure. I recently tried to simply pop some pop corn and got nothing... just warm seeds. The microwave does "heat" and I have verified that its power setting is at 10. At the time of this testing, I was using shore power. So here is the question. How many watts of power is the microwave? How many watts does it take to make popcorn? Is it a result of the micorwave going bad or was it simply not designed for this type of use? How do you get it out of there. Are there screws that need to be removed from the bread cabinet below? LOLO......... Anyway, I realize this is not a cool question like setting up your trim tabs and hooking up a new bait tank but hope someone will help me out of sheer pitty.... lol... Thanks in advance.... Kreg.
  2. Kreg

    GEL COAT (2)

    Thanks Much, that worked great!
  3. Hello Everyone! We are located in Newport Beach and are new to the forum. We love our Monterey! Are there any other 322 owners in the area? We would love to hear from you!
  4. Hey I too am looking for the Gel Coat Information on my boat and hope someone could assist me as well. I have a 2003 322CR.... any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Everyone!
  5. Just so everyone knows, spoke with Salt-Away and they informed me that you can use their product in the Neutra-Salt system. In fact, you can even dilute their product by 30-40% and achieve similar results. Thanks everyone.. Kreg.
  6. I have a Neutra Salt System installed and was wondering if I can run Salt Away thru the I/O system....?
  7. Trying to find out where to purchase the ice-maker for a 2003 322CR. It is shot.. Also has anyone ever removed and replaced? How difficult is it?
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