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  1. Most, any idea what the height and length of the Tambour door is on a 2005 282 ? Also, any tricks to getting the door back in it's tracks? Can't get to the boat yet to measure , or put our door in, as ours has slipped out of it's tracks. In a few days I will have access o the boat, and want to try and get the existing door back in it's tracks, and possible get a new one made if needed, thus the request for dimensions. Thank You
  2. Thanks for the info Dan. Our breaker panel even has a factory switch for the inverter, so I assume it was an option, not positive though. The surveyor said the Air should be wired to power #2, but was not. So that is being fixed so that it is wired properly. The surveyor confirmed that the factory cable is connected like you said, I just need to plug into shore cable and connect to the TV, and we will have cable TV on the boat at the dock. This will be something new for us, as we just had rabbitt ears and 2 channels on our previous boat. We are getting closer to closing on this boat deal, and am looking forward to a successful sea trial. After that, I'm sure I will have plenty of questions to ask. Thanks for your help, and keep your camera handy, I may ask you for some pictures someday.
  3. Factory platforms usually seem to look a bit better than aftermarket. A friend priced one from swimplatforms and one from the factory on his Four Winns bowrider. The factory price was a little bit higher (not including installation) and looked more solid to me.
  4. Try swimplatforms.com if you can't get one from the dealer/factory.
  5. We are considering a 2005 282. It had a survey yesterday, and there is a lengthy laundry list. And I have some questions that need to be answered before we decide if this particular boat is one we want. The previous owner took the factory inverter out, and messed up the wiring. He apparently hooked up the Air Conditioning to the Line 2 breaker so that it could be used. We do not need an inverter, and want it re-wired as was done from the factory without an inverter. I assume this can be done, but will there be any issues on that circuit in the future? I see there is a factory installed cable TV coax outlet in the lazarette/trunk. Is this wired through the inverter (no longer there) and then routed to the (Sharp LCD) TV ? Since the inverter is gone, will the coax connection in the cabin be useable for plugging in the TV to cable TV from the dock source ? I realize the TV will not work on DC power, and that is okay with me. But, I want to know if anything needs to be done to be able to plug the TV in and have it work with the coax connection in the cabin/galley. Or, is the coax connection in the galley just wired to the old style antenna on the arch ? Do batteries physically need to be in the boat to have the refridgerator work on shore power ? There are no batteries currently in the boat, and the surveyor could not get the fridge to come on with the breaker switch or control on the fridge itself. There are a few other issues I have questions about, but will wait for the final survey report before I ask. Your help is greatly appreciated.
  6. Any other boaters frequent Lake Michigan ? We live in west michigan and spend most of our time traveling up and down the coast and spending time on the beautiful beaches.
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