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  1. Anyone? (Year later - needs to happen this year but I'd rather not pay a yard to do it).
  2. Hello, I need to replace the battery from my 2005 180 FS. It's still holding charge after 8 years of use (I know, amazing, and I let it go too long), but I'm going to replace it now just as preventative maintenance. And I discovered I have no idea how to remove it from the well located behind the starboard aft seat. It has an access point when I lift the sunpad up where you can reach down and get to it, but the battery is too big to extract through that opening. There is also not enough room to pull it through the engine compartment opening. Does the seat backing need to be removed to get access or am I missing something much simpler? Thanks in advance, Matt
  3. Thanks. I actually already have a quote from them (just shy of $1600 after shipping), and am about to pull the trigger but wanted to see if MOST had any details on a factory platform.
  4. I am looking to add the extended swim platform to my 2005 180 FS. What is the price and where can this be purchased? Thanks Matt
  5. Thanks MOST. Unfortunately my nearest Monterey dealer is 2 hours away. I'm assuming this is something I can have a local boat yard repair? And if so, do you know the make / model / part numbers for the depth sensor transducer and/or associated parts? Thanks again, Matt
  6. I just posted an almost identical question for my 180. Let me know how it works out for you - I'm in the same boat.... pun intended.
  7. This is probably a silly question, but.... My boat has it's custom fit mooring cover with the bow portion velcro-ing to the cockpit portion at the walk-thru windshield. I trailer my boat, and it spends a decent amount of time in my driveway where debris (and my cats) get through the cover at the velcro point. Also, the cover is yellow and is fading due to sun exposure. So, to preserve the cleanliness of my Monterey 180, and preserve the mooring cover, is it okay / advisable to put a larger boat cover over the mooring cover while she sits in my driveway? Would I have problems with moisture getting trapped between the two? I'm tempted to buy one of those $100 loose fit covers whose straps reach down and attach to the trailer. And if I were to do this, what do you do with the bimini? Lay her flat and put the cover on? Your thoughts / recommendations appreciated. Thanks Matt
  8. MOST - Yesterday I noticed something on my 180FS that I hadn't noticed before. There is a circular flat metal piece in the hull of my boat (right behind/adjacent to one of the rear most trailer rollers under the hull. I'm assuming this is the depth sensor, but it appears as if there should have been a cap that covered it. And if there was a cap, by the way, it's strange they'd pick that location because of the trailer rollers going over this area. I've had some minor drive lube leak issues (coming from the reservoir connection), and some of the oily substance in the bilge is seeping out around this metal circle. I put her in the water yesterday and checked for water intake in the bilge, and there was nothing noticeable. But it must be seeping out slowly for me to see oily residue streaking under the hull from the metal circle. Any idea if my assumptions are correct? Was there a cap that covered this (it appears that there was a silhouette of one)? If so, where can I get a replacement, and how is it sealed? Thanks, Matt
  9. I've since discovered that the connection on the bottom of the reservoir was leaking - following the electrical wire sheathing down into the bilge (which is I why I couldn't find the source at first). Anybody else have this problem ever?
  10. MOST - I seem to be losing drive lube - topped it off again today and will monitor the upcoming week to see if it goes down. I see oily traces in the water in the bilge, but don't see any drive lube on leaking out the back of the drive unit itself. Any ideas? And do you know what the warranty is on the Mercruiser 190hp 4.3L? My 180FS is a 2005 & I'm the second owner. Hoping for the best.
  11. I tried reaching the tabs that unscrew - but was unsuccessful so far. You need 2-foot long rubber arms to reach it? Is there a trick I'm missing?
  12. Thanks MOST! Gemlux overnighted the parts w/no questions asked. Excellent service!
  13. The forward cleat on my 180FS pulls completely out of the socket. Apparently the screws that mated from the underside somehow unscrewed themselves. I really need to fix the cleat before someone tries to use it one of these days and I lose it in the drink (my wife forgot the other day and almost did lose it). How do I access the underside of the cleat? Do I need to remove the bow backrest, and if so, how? Thanks in advance! Matt
  14. The stereo remote pad mounted next to the steering wheel on my 2005 180FS does not respond (e.g. volume buttons, etc.). Although it has a Sirius label on it, I'm assuming it functions generically with the Kenwood stereo receiver (I don't currently subscribe to Sirius). Is it the wiring? I can't imagine it's on it's own fuse or requires "programming". Any help would be appreciated.
  15. Very nice... Are you going to miss the blue hull? I'll keep my eyes open this summer when we visit Sebago Lake.
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