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  1. If you can't see it and it is under the actual bracket.... I'd put some JB Weld in there and rescrew it back down. Once the JB Weld dries... good to go. ~Phil
  2. I'm looking at the Garmin 441S gps w/ transducer for my boat mentioned in the title. This little unit is compatible with NMEA 2000 standards...... does my boat have that technology? Or is that only found on bigger boats? I have the Volvo outdrive..... 6 cylinder fuel injected. Thanks everyone! ~Phil
  3. For what it's worth..... I just bought a 2008 Monterey 194FS w/ the 4.3 Volvo Fuel Injected motor.......... and it is NOT a dog by any means. I've owned several boats in the past (this being my first fuel injected boat)..... this boat has almost 0 dead rise...... pops right up on plane..... acceleration is amazingly smooth, rides like a cadillac on the water compared to many other boats I've owned / ridden in. Top end... with 3 adults and about 3/4 tank of gas, we were doing just shy of 50mph, and that is without playing with the trim. ~Phil
  4. is looking into boat tables!

  5. I've seen in a few new boats at boat shows, these tables that mount into a bracket on the vertical fiberglass under the seat. It is a table with a 90 degree bend in the pipe, so you don't need any type of floor bracket. The bracket mounts vertically. I'd like to get a few of these brackets, and one of these tables. You can KIND of see what I'm talking about in this picture.... Any info you have would be greatly appreciated....... I just can't find ANYTHING online about these tables.... Thanks in advance! ~Phil
  6. DrPhil

    Boat Names

    We finally took delivery of our new (to us) boat...... 2008 Monterey 194FS. Love the boat so far. Thinking we are going to be naming it "Hydrotherapy"........ ~Phil Rochester, NY
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