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  1. Thanks Sophie... sounds nice !!! we're back & forth between the Chaparral Signature 330 & the Monterey 340SY - I do like the bed in the bow area... - im tired of being in the aft cabin... want a change We have the regular weaver davits on our current boat - but would definately look at the Weaver arch davits to go with a rigid hull inlatable (right now we have a soft bottom with Aluminum floor insert... but its slow.... the hubby wants a faster one .. boys... love to see some photos of you boat if you could post some, Thanks you !
  2. Thanks for the info Sophie... what yr do you have ??
  3. When or will there be the "build your boat" section on the website ?? most other manufacturers have this feature so you can "customize" a boat with the colors / options you want.
  4. Checked out Don Hyde Maries web site... very nice 320 on there... the 2ft-itis is kicking in soon and the hubby and I are looking to go up to 33-35fter... so we're looking at Monterey, Chaparral, Cruisers & Formula... We're waiting for the dealer in our area to get the Monterey Cruisers in stock so we can have a look-see.... Right now we have a 2008 Chaparral Signature 270 & love her... but we're looking to go bigger.... and I do like the look of the Monterey Cruisers....
  5. looking at Monterey boats maybe for our next one :)

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