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  1. We pull every drive weather it's a Mercuiser or Volvo and lube the spline every 100hr or winter service. Very important for inspection and lubrication.
  2. Hey Murph, The trim tabs will not fix the wandering left and right at slow speeds off plane that is how most stern drives will act at low speed off plane. What motor and drive do you have in your 248 LS seems the ones I have been on get up on plane pretty quick if it is proped right and has the right motor. Trim Tabs will decrease plane time a little.
  3. It would be great if everyone could keep adding pics of there boats
  4. Hi, This is our family Monterey 190LS at our cabin lake with my oldest son at the helm. We enjoy this lake and many others in the Kalispell area including Flathead Lake the biggest natrual fresh water lake in the west. My wife and I have 4 boys three of them riding the wake board and I have been known to ride somtimes but I really like to navigate more than ride. Montana Mike ">
  5. Hey everyone my name is Montana Mike I work out of Captain's Marine Inc. in Kalispell Montana I would be glad to help if I can with any boating questions on your boat just as JD. Hope to here from you! mike.lopez@captainsmarine.com
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