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  1. I have a 2010 M5. I would like to add a wakeboard tower. Can the two options shown in the manual beginning on page 102, the arch and the tower with hardtop be added or are they factory installed only? Am I better off looking aftermarket, such as Monster Tower? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. My boat came with these mounts. I purchased an pedastel and under table bracket for a table for my 2010 M5 from my dealer. They ordered from Monterey. Fits perfectly. I made a wood table top so that I could use a table top grill on the boat. Table works in either the front or back. Came out great! I'm sure they will sell you the brackets as well.
  3. LTMTM5: So, how did the pick up go on Friday? Picked mine up on Friday as well. Weather has been crappy so I've been doing most of my tinkering in the barn. As I mentioned the one I purchased has been on the lot for a while so I have some clean up to do to make me happy as I store indoors. One thing that I've had to have replaced is the ram for the transom storage locker. Even the replacement seems a little light for a RAM that is supposed to hold a door open with the weight of a seat. How does yours work?
  4. My guess is that your season in TX will be start a bit sooner and last a little longer than mine. I'm a little jealous. Can't wait to get it out and get it wet. Trying to get some info on buying another pedastal for a second table. Have a nice butcher block table that was made for my prior boat. Didn't give it up when I sold it as it was aftermarket and they are hard to come by. I use it for a grill table. With the side mounts, the old pedastal doesn't work. Do you have any ideas for yours?
  5. I kind of figured. Wonder about permission to use the logo? MOST?
  6. Thanks! Activity kind of thin on this board. Can't believe people with these great boats aren't looking for an outlet during these cold winter months!
  7. Perhaps a question for the moderators . . . Where can I find a spare tire cover with a Monterey logo? Have a great new boat with a nice Phoenix trailer. Would like to find a spare tire cover with the Monterey logo on it to cover the spare. Any ideas?
  8. Hi all! We are new to the forum and to Montereys! Just signed yesterday on our new 2010 M5. It is a boat I have coveted for over a year. I saw it at the Cincinnati boat show in Jan. of 2010. Worked on our faithful Maxum 2300sr over the summer and was able to sell her for a great price last Sept. All the while watching that M5 and hoping it would be there. Made a run at it in Oct. as being without a boat after 10 years was totally freaking me out! No dice, the price was too high and the financing not great. Looked at a Chapparal 256, but it just wasn't the same. I NEEEEDed the M5. So the squirreling away of money continued. . . Got through Christmas and to the boat show again last weekend and lo and behold they were ready to deal and the financing was good. IT IS NOW MINE!!! Pic attached. She hasn't been wet yet, we'll pick up the first of April or as soon as the weather breaks! So tell me about the forum? And, what is the deal with the Monterey store? Is that it? Where can I get cool Monterey boat gear?
  9. Torture = 8 weeks until spring.

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