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  1. you should look at the new products offered by West Marine they exactly what you want Rob
  2. I have 4 heavy duty batterries wired 2 per bank (2 selector switch) but was told I could get up 8 hours+ of use for an overnight stay with no dock power but I am not getting more than 2 hours the inverter is from West Marine but I have not changed the factory charger or alternator -262 cruiser 2000 I know anyone answering this will need battery performance and inverter size (I will supply that when I go down to the boat later) I believe I have more than enough power in all catagories -I think it's the wiring method that is causing the problem or the charger -everything does work but not for the time I want 8 hours+ What advice would you have to get me to where I want to be (power is 7.4 mercruiser with Bravo III duo props -like new condition )?
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