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  1. Thanks for the tip..your 2cents may be worth hundreds so thanks. My boat will be at Lake Travis as I am in Dallas also and remember the bitter cold that sometimes have in Dallas and that has moved down to Austin before. I will double check with the dealer to see what temperature ranges this heater thing operates at. No doubt draining the block is the answer and I understand the new M5 has a very simple procedure for doing that. The boat outof the water make total sense also. I have had an outboard boat for over 35 years and really never been around the I/O set up so I am not that familiar with the part that you reference. Is it in the cooling system on the engine?
  2. Yes, we were not crazy about the arch in white aluminum so we got the bimini top. Dealer says no noise or rattles but I have seen one yet that does not squeek a little when running in a chop. We liked the looks and function of a stainless one like the Cobalt 272 has. REally pricey though. I liked the integrated tops that come with those arches and plan to investigate a shop or two locally that builds them. Not in a hurry and will certinaly see how well we like the bimini before ordering any custom. Dealer says that the thru deck plates are in place so a custom top could go on without any hassles So true about the boating season here. I have an in water lift in a marina in front of a water front condo so we did not even buy a trailer. WE did buy a engine compartment heater to help keep it dry and since we live about 3 horus from the lake I did not want to have to drive down there and winterize during one of the few 'cold' spells that we get here. We can actaully boat in Jan Feb on some of the mid 60 degree days that we get here often during that time. I did get the standard table mounts in our boat but can understand the interest in your set up, both sentiemtnal and functional. I wanted to get a teak table but sort of cut back on the budget so it was cut at order time. Just found out today that our boat will be delivered April 15 so you may beat us to the water. Take pictures as we will also and post.
  3. Well, we must be "in the same boat" so to speak. I just joined the forum and also just purchased an M5 at the Austin Texas Boat show and it is identical to yours, except canvas in black. I am exactly where you are in the delivery que with mine due in late March. I have been shopping for over 3 years, wasn't in a hurry and actaull like the looks of the new Four Winns 262 but even the dealers that carried it had zero in the shows that I attended and were taking a waite and see attitude on the new ownership. However, after seeing the M5 with all of the features and options that we wanted with the value price it was a no brainer. I ran the boat right after the Austin show in a 2-3 foot chop and it was really impressive. Very comfortable ride anywhere you sat and stable in head on, follwoing and quartering sea's. When you just stand in this boat you can tell there is something under you other than water!! The picture looks fab and I must tell you that in the water it looks even better...nice profile and lines that are sleek. When my dealter came to our place for the demo ride we looked down and saw it and knew it was the one. Let's keep the stories going around our mutual discoveries and we break them in. Congrats LTMTM5
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