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  1. Hi SHEP. We just purchased a 2002 248LSC. Did you enjoy yours when you had it? Any words of advice for the 248? Nice upgrade by the way!
  2. Thanks for the answers. That will look a lot better than the Sanford and Sons look!
  3. I have a Taylor Made canvas and when I contacted Montereyto replace it they told me one of their vendors manufactured it. They referred me to http://www.ameritexfabricsystems.com/ for the fabric replacement and template. If your canvas is a Taylor Made, you might want to contact these folks.
  4. I have the Montura 248 cuddy and am starting to look into ways to cool it during the hot Georgia summers. I have found 12v evaporative coolers and even a fan that you put over a cooler full of ice but I don't know how effective they will be. Does anyone have any ideas or tips on how they stay cool and comfortable during the summer nights? I don't have a safe way to run a generator so I was thinking about getting a battery pack to power the portable air cooler if a decent one exists. I have seen other forums where folks mentioned a portable A/C unit and a small Honda quiet generator. Does that sound like a viable solution?
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