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  1. mikep, I would be interested in how you did that, I've got some neighbors that need fixin'.
  2. Hatchman


    I'm with RSUMRTOY2, I would avoid running the motor with the hatch open. I've been a working on cars for over 25 years, and I take great care to never stick my hand under the hood with a running engine unless absolutely necessary. And even then treat it like sticking my hand in an open crocodile's mouth. Of course, some tasks require it, like checking the automatic transmission fluid level on some cars. I have seen a brand new $120 serpentine belt snap as soon as the engine was cranked before, and I don't know if anything could have stopped those flying chunks rubber besides a full steel guard, which would also have made changing the belt nearly impossible. I was standing several feet in front the car when the motor was cranked, and luckily outside of the shrapnel zone. I can't think of many maintenance procedures that require the engine to be running. Unless you are checking the timing, or similar procedure that requires the engine to be running, I would keep the engine off. IMO, the engine bay hatch is the belt guard. Good luck with your 250CR! A fine boat. I am looking to get one myself one day. Thank you.
  3. I have had great success with Simple Green and a medium brush, followed by rinsing it off with lots of water. For protecting, Aerospace 303 works very well. For my last boat, the deck was stained from years of neglected cleaning. The dealer said the tried "everything." I used Simple green and a medium brush and with a little elbow grease, all of the stains came out. As on all cleaners, test on a small area first.
  4. I wonder if it is common that all 250CRs are not prewired for a windlass? I have seen a 250CR with a windlass, but I believe it was a factory option. I have also heard the guage of wire must be thick to carry the current. How many bilge pumps do you have? Are they auto or manual? My last boat only had one, and it was a manual, and I never really had a warm fuzzy feeling about that. Definitely would want some redundancy, especially if sleeping on board. Sorry I can't be of more help. Congratulations on your new boat. Hope you will be enjoying it soon.
  5. Hello all, I am a new member to MyMonterey and this is my first post. First of all, I want to say thank you to Monterey for opening up the forum to all comers! This looks to be a great source of info in the search for my next boat. My first, past, and only boat (so far) was a 2006 Stingray 180RX. But since I sold it, I can not access the Stingray website anymore, even though I emailed the company begging and pleading to allow me to stay while I was "in between" ownership. I am currently serving in the armed forces in Iraq, and instead of letting my beloved little runabout sit idly for a year, I sold it with plans to buy an overnighter, for the wife and I to extend our adventure range, upon my return. Stingray said, "no hull number, no more access". Oh well, I will search for other options, and see what I will find. I am very interested in the 250CR. It looks to be close to what the wife and I (no kids) are looking for. Must Have List: 24'-27' Cruiser Good customer satisfaction/reviews Good looking design A/C Microwave/Fridge 5.7L motor or larger +40 mph (GPS) Camper and Bimini Sleep 4 Enclosed head/shower Rowdy (70lb lab mix) friendly steps into cabin 2000 or newer Nice to have: Generator (won't have to dock at night for power) (can use portable) Fixed head/Macerator/Pump out Lightweight, good hull design (faster, better fuel mileage) Windlass w/remote (can drop the anchor from the helm)(can add later) Integrated swim platform (bolt on looks cheap to me) Tall interior (6') Bow sun lounger for Joanne Dual prop (easier to maneuver, more efficient, better mileage) Snap in carpet and no wood floors (Rowdy's nails) Stored out of water, no bottom paint, prefer indoor boatel Thru hull/silent choice/Captain's Call exhaust Hot & Cold shower on swim platform Wet bar on deck Fridge or cooler space on deck Easy access to engine bay GPS/Deep gauge Spotlight with remote from helm So, I will be researching and searching for several more months. But I am saving up and will be buying a cruiser when I get back. It might just be a Monterey! Thank you. Hatchman
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