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  1. it was spectrum that they gave me # of 800-754-5516 they matched mine perfect even though that color was no longer available they used I think a rinker or someone elses after talking to their color mixer and he looked at charts.
  2. I would call customer service at Monterey the gave me the # of their supplier for small patchwork. I called them my color was not avail but they suggested a color and it matched perfect I wish I could remember the name of the place but customer service should help. if not let me know and ill check label on container when I go to the lake next time.
  3. Has anyone found a place to buy the hinges for the rear seat back on 268ss. I am told Monterey and their vendor both discontinued. I am looking for replacements or different style someone has used that functions properly for the rear seat back so you can access the engine compartment the seat back needs to be lowered so stationary brackets wont work. short of paying a machine shop to recreate I have had no luck and was hoping someone has found a better hinge that works.This is on my 2003 but I don't think they made any changes in later years. anyone elses experience would be great I have 1 set the stud broke off of and one set that are now on the boat so need to find something in case this one fails.
  4. How long is it recommended to be before you recharge the halon system or do you just wait till the guage says recharge? How do you go about recharging once you get to that point? How much does it average? Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the info! Had them hook up to a computer this last weekend and it showed a couple faults, cleared them had them load test batteries and both batteries failed so got replacements as the batteries were still under their warranty from when i last replaced them. All alarms went away and ran fine. I hate replacing them at the end of the season but they were warranteed and so starts another 24 month warrantee on the new ones.
  6. Thanks for the reply I will have to look through all the paperwork that came with the boat yet again as I think i remember seeing a booklet on the smartcraft guage but thoght it was just included in all packets as we have faria guages. I wonder if we could have had it equipped but the guage was never installed? I wonder if the most could help to determine if it was so equipped? The speedo does have a disply but the only thing it seems to display is an intermittant hour glass and constantly the engine hours. No change when warning beeper goes off. I will have to ask the marina if they can retro fit a display thet would be able to advise which condition it is since it seems by the chart you provided it is either 2 beeps a minute or constant. I thought in years past i had one thet was 3 beeps per minute but i could be wrong. This last weekend I used only battery 1 (I usually use both position on the battery shut off switch) and got no faults. I may try battery 2 the next time to isloate if it is a battery issue. I am also changing oil, doing the drive service and winterizing next time I go to the lake so I can have them see what codes are stored.
  7. Is there a chart to decipher what the warning beeper is indicating by the sequence? I periodically get a warning that the marina says is a low voltage situation. When it goes off it is always under acceleration just before comming on plane. One tech said the merc 496 is a battery power hungry motor and if the batteries are not tip top perfect it could set off the warning. The last 2 times I watched the voltage guage and it never went below 13 volts. It happens more at the end of the season on chilly mornings. I have noticed that the captains call exhaust really puts a drain on the voltage meter but I have gotten the warning with exhaust shut off during acceleration trying to avoid the beeper as once it goes off you have to shut motor off to clear it. First they thought it was indicating low gear lube but resevoir was full and disconnecting that sensor temporarily did not make it go away so that sensor was ruled out and they said bad battery. This is only the second season for these batteries and first set lasted from 2003 to 2010. I have looked in all the books and manuals that came with the boat new and see no chart for what the possible indications are.
  8. How do you get to replace the docking lights on a 2003 ss268? I can't seem to find a way to that lamp other than I guess remove the whole panel that houses the docking light and navigation light, having to remove all the caulk surrounding it replace lamp from back of that housing possibly (have not removed it yet), then re-install and recaulk the joint. If that is it guess I should replace the navigation light at the same time with new trying to prevent having to do all that again soon. Anyone done this and am I stuck doing it that way? Thanks for any input.
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