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  1. I have a 194/204FS fitted with a Merc 4.3 MPI Need to drain off the fuel from the tank .... tried for ages with a siphon pipe - no joy, assume must be some form of anti-siphon device fitted. Is there somewhere on the engine that allows me to easily drain fuel .... using the fuel pump on the engine? I did look at removing fuel pipe to separator filter ... but it's well and truly stuck onto the brass male fitting .... and don't really want to cut it off.. Anybody know easy way to do this.?
  2. Looks like it will - thanks
  3. I have a bi-colour Nav light on my 194fs .... needs replacing ... can anybody advise what make/model they are?
  4. I have a Monterey 194FS It has the pedestal type helm seat that will rotate, and also slide fwd or back. It is the sliding fwd that is the issue .... slide seat into position - push down seat slide locking arm .. and all OK until you hit a wake when it releasse and slides to fully back position. (annoying and also a bit unsafe) I thought easy enough - will lift off seat assembly (leaving deck fitting in place) and have a look at this in my garage. Tried releasing drag control ... no luck .. won't lift up & off which is what I expected. There is a black plastic square pieces (about 3/4" / 3/4") at base of the seating casting which will rotate if you move it - but have no idea what that is for - again did not help remove seat. I failed to get the thing off, can anyone tell me how to lift the seat off the pedestal. Pic from manual of seat type attached
  5. I have a 194FS hull ID 059C010 The white is Pearl white Ashland spectrum # 18001 Need to know the name and spectrum code for the red, colour band can you help ? I went to the Spectrum chart on this web site but it only goes as far as 2009 (admins - you might like to update this) Can you please provide the colour name & code for me? Pic of boat attached in case, but I assume hull ID will confirm the gelcoat .
  6. On advice on another forum, I carry out a 2-part system on hull ... Using Collinade products ... after wash & dry, the hull is prepped with Coilinade gellcoat cleaner, then given a good coating of Collinade Fleet wax. This 2nd step is repeated twice a year ... (gelcoat cleaner is initial only), I also do same for all fibreglass surface inside the boat. Boat is washed down with car shampoo & rinsed after every use.
  7. I would like to fit a 5" plotter/sounder toyt? my 194fs ...probably a Garmin Echomap 50s. The issue is,there is no flat area on the dash. The instruments are in a fully curved hufch, and the remaineder of dash is all curved. I can't see how to mount, unless there was a swan neck mount(which there isn't) All positions in front & sides would obstruct standard gauges, fitting behind gauges 'hutch' would be possible but the rake of windshield, would not allow plotter screen too be angled for any reasonable viewing. Anybody done this?
  8. On my Monterey the fuses are accessed by removing the panel under the helm, not exactly easy to get at, and they are individual fuses not breakers. You can get your wiring schematic .... go to owners manuals area and download manual, they are pdf files ..... however for my boat the schematic was not very helpful, does not show individual switches or fuses ... so tracing cct not so simple. Does tell you colour codes though - which is helpful.
  9. Can anybody give me the appropriate product number for the Attwood Bow Nav light (Red/Green) The bulb contacts are applying no pressure on bulb ... I have tried bending the aluminium to create pressure but it does not hold and poor contact makes light intermittent. Unfortunately there is no longer a Monterey dealer in my country, but at least if I know what Attwood poart it is I can source that.
  10. Are there better wiring diagrams available ... other than what is in the owners manual. The 2 diagrams in the Oners manual ... are not very helpful ..... For example I have a current electrical issue .... bow Nav lights not working ........ looking at diagram the switches are not shown, the bulbs are not shown, fuses not shown .... all key items I would expect on a wiring diagram. You would expect to be able to trace wiring issues to follow flow .... +ve feed, fuse, harnes, s to switch to bulb, return to gnd etc. Are there any better diagrams that are avaialble ?
  11. I decided to add a Speed control system to my 194FS. In case anybody is interested in a similar 'self install' I have written it up on line, complete with pictures: http://www.sportsboat.co.uk/newforum/viewtopic.php?f=118&t=5461&p=39213#p39213 Very pleased with the results.
  12. Anybody able to offer any advice, cruise control has arrived.
  13. Just purchased my speed control system - Ridesteady ( http://www.hydrophase.com/ ) Will be with me next week, I need to run some control wires form dash down to engine bay ............ Not had a good look around yet, are there existing ducts ? ..... anybody care to point me to appropriate location. Also will need to change out Tacho for the Ridesteady control unit, does the dash come out easily, or do I have to do this from underneath ? Just not done any work on 194FS yet, so appreciate any comments.
  14. I have a 194FS ... on the dash is a bank of switches ... on of which is "Water Sys" Anybody know what this is, what does it do ?
  15. I have a 194FS .... first season with it ... posted a pic here: http://forums.montereyboats.com/index.php?showtopic=1778 So far pleased with it.
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