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  1. Thanks admin, I will give it a shot. I will put all my 220# behind it and hopefully not crush my knuckles!!!
  2. Thanks midwest. I tried cranking on it with a crescent wrench and it serioulsy would not budge. All that kept happening was the wrench slipping and "rounding" off the edges. I asked the marina to do it, but technically they are not supposed to be taking the plug in and out unless I specifically ask in writing. The main problem is that the guy who took care of launching/retrieving/parking my boat for years died last summer and now a new guy is doing it. Well, the new guy does the "bare minimum". I will keep trying. Thanks.
  3. I tried posting this yesterday but it didn't go, so if this ends up being a re-run sorry! We are in Southern California and have a 2005 248 LS. We love it!! We boat mostly at Lakes Mohave and Mead with the occasional trip to Catalina Island!
  4. OK, the marina that launches and retrieves my boat over-tightened my plug and now it won't budge. Clearly if I crank on it, it will just strip and be useless. My next thought was to take the screws out, pry it off, and replace it. However, that adhesive was far stronger than I thought it and I don't want to damage the gelcoat by ripping it off. So, what is my next step? How do I replace the plug without damaging the gel coat? The bilge needs to be dried/cleaned soon. Thanks!!!
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