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  1. 2011/12 (We bought in 2011 but it had a '12 reg.) It has the hardtop where the bimini comes off of the back.
  2. I didn't put this in the technical section because I don't think it's that technical. Maybe I'm just a dip but how in the heck do I put the bimini top back on? I think I'm pretty handy but this thing is like a Rubic's cube to me.
  3. Brand new 260 SCR. Turned on the water pump breaker the other day to use the transom shower. While the shower worked water was also pumping out from a discharge at the rear. Once I turned off the shower the water pump stayed on and water continued to pump out of a rear discharge. The only thing I did different was remove the water fill cap and fill the tank. This is the first time this happened. My theory is the pump is not priming correctly. Am I correct and are there any suggestions?
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