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  1. IndianRiver great post! We frequent this area all the time based from the mouth of the river at Burt. If anyone is trailering there are multiple launches in the southeast corner of Burt lake and on the Indian River. If Burt lake is rough you can take a 45 minute river ride to Mullet Lake to find smooth water for pulling the kids on the tube or skis or relax on the sand bar.
  2. Hi Greg, I just bought our first boat. A 2002 190 LS. Mine has the 5.0GL Volvo engine and the prop on it is an aluminum 22 pitch 3 blade. Top end WOT is running 52 on the speedometer, I haven't checked against the GPS yet. That is putting my RPMS right at 4,500 for the short time I had it there. If you find out what was on it from the factory let me know I haven't been able to find that anywhere yet.
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