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  1. Anyone know who is making the canvas for the newer models? I have a 2011 264FS and am interested in an enclosure.
  2. Finaly got the Seadeck installed on my 264FS and it looks great and feels good on the feet. Seriously thinking about replacing the carpet with it now.
  3. I just ordered the Seadeck for my 264. Saw a 244 same color as mine at the dealer and the Seadeck really looked good. Took a while but my dealer finaly got around to ordering it for me, should be in soon.
  4. Thanks MOST, I have my dealer looking into it, havn't heard back from them yet. Does the same apply for the bimini curtains, the bimini top has the zippers for the full enclosure?
  5. Like above, DON'T even think aboutsurfing behind a I/O.
  6. I'm looking for a bow filler cushion for my 2011 264FS and the swim platform pad. Can I order these through my dealer or where can I get them? I've looked on the seadeck website and can't find the swim platform pad for a 264 listed but it's in the 2011 Monterey brochure.
  7. I wish I could help you but not in the cruiser tax bracket yet... We did just get a 2011 264fs 3 weeks ago and so far we love it, my wife even helps clean this one.
  8. Just picked up our new 2011 264FS last weekend and so far we love it. Got out of a 21' outboard deck boat so the handling is different, gotta get used to her. The difference in size and storage is night and day.
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