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  1. Hi, I am new as well. I just got a 2005 208si with a 5.0L merc 260hp. It is missing the cooler that goes under the seat. Does anyone know the size and or brand that came originally. I have tried many different coolers, but none fit. Also, I use the boat for skiing, but have had trouble getting out of the hole. The boat came with a 23 pitch, and I went to a 19, which helped, but prop was too small, red lined alot, also the boat still had a big wake, and bounced alot with the trim all the way down. So I put a fin on, with a 21 pitch. The boat now is great as a runabout, and does well with a tube. But still a little diffcult in the hole, and the wake is still a little large with skier, fine without skier. Thinking of adding a Alpha 4 14-20 prop. Love to hear comments. Love the boat, just want to get the skiing better.
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