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  1. Yes, I tried everything but everything respond so fast compare to my old boat that I cannot find a good balance. I'm going back on the water tomorrow and i'll do more test. Thanks!
  2. Hi, Last fall I bought a 2004 Monterey 265. It is powered by a Merc 350 Mag MPI (300 hp) with a Bravo 3 sterndrive. Last weekend I tried it for the first time. Is it normal that the slowest rpm I had to keep without loosing my ''planing'' was about 3700 RPM and the speed was only 27-28 mph on a gps? I think it 's a high RPM for a slow speed. It's not the biggest engine but 27 mph is quite slow Sorry for my english... Thanks, Jean-Philippe
  3. It,s the exact same boat Hull lenght: 26'11''................. 29'6'' with swim platform
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