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  1. I also have a 322 (2002) Its the water in the pan that is causing the rust stain common problem Its just the angle of the fitting and haul not to worry.(rust remover or cleaner wax works fine)
  2. I dont own one....But ck'd one out at a show and loved it....Good luck with it.
  3. I own a 322cr and used Hurly Davit system,Great system easy to install.
  4. Is it poss. to add a section for Boating in Maryland/Va Their are a lot of us I'm sure.. Thanks....
  5. Are the 322cr(2002) pre wired for generator? Also were are they located/Placed by the factory? Ahead of the motors(their is a platform their)or to the port side behind the water heater? Thanks...Bill
  6. creepin


    Or another option take your old one to canvas shop and have one made......Thats what I am in the process of doing,also matching to my existing canvas color.
  7. Hi here's our new girl as of July 2007,Our home port is Georgetown Md,On the Sassafras River.
  8. Hello fellow Monterey owners,Site looks great first time on the new one.Here is our new to us 2002 322CR as of July 2007.We love it so far. Great performance and handling for the size (and this is coming from someone who just came from a 11 yr run with go-fast boats). I made the change to the comfort zone as my friends have said,and personally I should have made the change along time ago. And my girls love the change also(Wife and 2 daughters) We're docked on the Sassafras River in Maryland, for anyone not familar its off the Northern Chesapeake Bay.Hopefully this year we'll meet up with some fellow Monterey owners.........Here she is.
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