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  1. There is an Inland Waterway in northern Michigan that runs from Crooked Lake near Harbor Springs, through the Crooked River to Burt Lake. Indian River is at the south end of Burt Lake. I live about a half mile down the Indian River and you can tie up in front of my house if you want. Another 5 miles down the Indian River and you hit Mullett Lake. Burt and Mullett are two of the five biggest lakes in Michigan. At the north end of Mullett Lake is the Cheboygan River that leads out to Lake Huron. Mackinaw Island is about 15 miles, Les Cheneux(sp?) Islands are on the south side of the Upper Pennisula and the North Channel is about 30 miles across Lake Huron and runs through a beautiful part of Canada. There's a trailer service that hauls boats from Harbor Springs to Crooked Lake, or Crooked Lake to Harbor Springs. There are multiple places to stay. Most people do the Inland Waterway on one day, but you can take a week if you want. Remember everything that's waiting after you get to Lake Huron. Call me with any questions 231-838-7420
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