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  1. I have a 2014 340 SY (now 355SY) with a Raymarine E97 MFD and the Raymarine 18" HD Radome (Radar) unit. Today I tired to connect tot he radar and it came up and said no connection or source. It appears I am not getting power to the unit as it doesn't come up when you go to settings in the chart plotter and look at external devices. The 800 number for tech support at Raymarine said it looks like I am not getting power to the radar unit. Has anyone had this issue? Tech Support said the wire from the unit splits and 1 end goes to 12 Volts for power and 1 to the chart plotter for data. I followed this wire to where it goes thru to under the help area but I can't see where it splits anywhere so I am not sure how it is being powered. Can anyone tell me that? Thanks in advance for any info.
  2. I have a 2014 340SY (now the 355SY) that I bought new. Can I install any kind of sound proofing material on the underside of the engine compartment hatch ? There was none provided from the factory but I notice on other boats and even earlier models of some Monterey Cruisers that they had some. If it can be done are there any recommendations of material and thickness. Thanks in advance, FrankC
  3. Correct. Not in the owners manual. At least I could not find it. My dealer advised against it just fyi.
  4. If you have a Kenyon Electric Grill installed on your boat how is it installed electrically? Is it tied to shore power with an AC breaker or is it only connected to DC? I have a 2014 Monterey 340 SY. Thanks for any info,
  5. Just to update this post - I have the 1800 Xantrex so it should handle the 1300 watt Kenyon Grill.
  6. What model xantrex inverter is installed on a 2014 340 SY. I have a manual that says 1000 watt or 1800 watt. I'll check the boat tomorrow but in any case I have a countertop Kenyon grill that uses 1300 watts and I t has worked OK that last 3 years and this year is gives me a low voltage message. It still works but maybe the battery just needs replacing. It shows 13.4 amps when turned on and it shows that it is connected via DC versus utility even tho I am connected to shore power. After I turn the actual grill on the voltage starts dropping to 11.1 which is the low shutoff and then errors out so we turn it off. Any help is appreciated. I thought this on boar electric grill was a good thing but the Magma propane is starting to look pretty good - totally separate system. Anyway - would like what I have from the factory to work like it should. Thanks in advance.
  7. Can I manually open the engine hatch further if I remove the pin on electrically operated piston that opens it? If so how far does it open - all the way until it rests on the swim platform possibly? I could block it for safety from the inside to prevent it coming down. I have a 2014 340SY. Thanks in advance,
  8. I see Mercury has a new auto trim system out that can be added to newer boats with sterndrives and smart craft and DTS. The mercury literature says it can be added easily as it just connects to the engine harness. Has anyone investigated this any further and where would the engine harness be typically? I have a 2014 340 SY.
  9. I have the Raymarine e97 with HD Radar on a new 2014 340 SY. I can't use the radar overlay feature on the chart plotter as I need to have a raymarine heading sensor installed to make that feature work. Can anyone tell me what Raymarine components are installed on the boat when you order this from the factory? I am thinking some of the Raymarine Seatalk components may be installed somewhere as the depth is displayed on the e97 and I think that requires the Seatalk backbone and a 5 way switch to connect the transducer to. Any info is greatly appreciated.
  10. Has anyone ever connected up one of the newer portable satellite TV antenna's on their boat ?
  11. I am considering purchasing a new 320 SY. Looking for any opinions on engine selection. The twin 350 MAGS are certainly bulletproof engines. Is it worth it (about $10K) to go to the twin 377's? I have a 2012 28 SY with the single 8.2 and that really is a great engine - but the boats ended up being a little too small for our family. Any opinion is appreciated.
  12. I am considering purchasing a new 320 SY. Does anyone have an opinion on engine selection? I like the twin 350 MAG's as they get great reviews and mechanics, etc. in my area say they are bulletproof. The other option is twin 377 mags which are a little more horsepower. I would like to stay with Mercury over Volvo. I have a 2012 280 SCR and it has the 8.2 380 HP Merc and thats a real winner of an engine - boats just too small for our family. . Any opinions or other info is greatly appreciated.
  13. Thanks - read the manual and never saw that info on the seats and cleaning - Thanks again
  14. I have a 2012 280SY and the seats are a two tone white (vinyl) and darker, almost fabric/cloth type material like you see in many of the Monterey models. The darker color area is a tougher, more durable material but I have a couple dark stains on this darker material that I can't get off. I have tried Simple Green and Meguiers fabric cleaner and neither have worked. These two cleaners work great on the white/vinyl portion of the seats. Any ideas on what other products anyone has used to clean this area? Or can anyone tell me what type of material this is for the darker area so I can try to find the correct type of cleaner? One of the posts says to try nail polish remover diluted but I was hesitant to try that as it may take the color out of it which would obviously look terrible. Thanks in advance Frank
  15. I have a 2012 28 SCR and was wondering if anyone has ever installed a TV in the aft berth. There is a panel on the port side that reveals all utilities running from bow to stern. I am wondering if there are hookups in that area or will I have to connect a splitter to the TV in the forward berth and also run a power cord? Thanks for any help that might be out there. Update 7/3/13. I installed the TV on that wooden panel in the aft berth as I described in my original post. There was a coax cable behind it that my dealer helped me with as they talked to Monterey and said I could tap into it with a splitter and it works great. I installed a 19" flat panel and that's a perfect size - FYI
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