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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, does anyone know how to remove the LG TV from its mount on the aft wall in the main cabin? I have a 330SY, and my TV has failed. I cannot work out how to remove it. I thought it might be a slide on mount like the one on the Targa Arch, but I cannot get it to move. Thanks Ian
  2. Has anyone ever connected up one of the newer portable satellite TV antenna's on their boat ?
  3. I have a 2012 28 SCR and was wondering if anyone has ever installed a TV in the aft berth. There is a panel on the port side that reveals all utilities running from bow to stern. I am wondering if there are hookups in that area or will I have to connect a splitter to the TV in the forward berth and also run a power cord? Thanks for any help that might be out there. Update 7/3/13. I installed the TV on that wooden panel in the aft berth as I described in my original post. There was a coax cable behind it that my dealer helped me with as they talked to Monterey and said I could tap into it with a splitter and it works great. I installed a 19" flat panel and that's a perfect size - FYI
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