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  1. Tend to disagree with those numbers. I have a 2005 302Cr with twin 5.0MPI making 260/HP, Bravo lll drives with stainless props. Same HP as the 5.7 in the test. Hold plane at 3000RPM but find best cruise is 3200-3400 trimmed. This will yield a speed between 22-25knots depending on sea conditions. I have a Simrad NSS12 unit with fuel flow meters that shows each motor burning around 9.5-10.3/GPH and 1.0-1.2 NM/gal. (1.5-1.38 miles/gal) Never seen close to 1.8 (1.56 NM/gal) ....EVER. I run full fuel, half water tank, 2-3 passengers and open canvas. Def not the motor as just about everything has been serviced or replaced. Props are original and are 24P. 450Hrs on motor with new plugs, cap, rotor.
  2. 2012 - Haverstraw, NY and West Point 2013 - Fire Island, NY 2013 - Chelsea Pier, NYC for Dock and Dine
  3. 2005 Monterey 302CR slipped in Sea Bright
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